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Release 0.4.3

Release date : 1 February 2012

Status : obsolete

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Changelog :

This release includes feature enhancements and bug fixes.

This release includes a complete rewrite of the update_repository() functionality with an eye toward better resilience.

This code will automatically recover from a variety of weird failure modes which originally could occur. Further, execution of fetch_changesets will resynchronize the gitolite.conf file, fixing any inconsistencies that might have crept into this file. Co-existence of Redmine-managed and non-redmine-managed repositories in the gitolite.conf file is supported. Some specific things that will be resynched :

  • Missing keys will be added and unused keys will be removed from the keydir directory.
  • Entries in gitolite.conf will be updated with new path information as necessary.
  • If proper setting is selected, orphan repo entries will be removed from gitolite.conf file, and the repositories themselves will be moved to the new recycle bin in the gitolite homedirectory.
  • Hooks will be checked and repaired as necessary.

This code is now explicitly compatible with Redmine 1.3-stable.

  • Added user-edit screen to allow administrator to examine and edit users keys.
  • Git Server parameter now supports a port specification.
  • Other bug fuxes: mirrors now report status properly.

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