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Release 0.4.4

Release date : 1 April 2012

Status : obsolete

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Changelog :

This release includes feature enhancements and bug fixes.

Compatibility with Redmine 1.1-Stable. A couple of patches were included to permit this plugin to work with older Redmine releases.

  • New settings to configure the /tmp and /bin directories (gitTemporaryDir and gitScriptDir respectively).
  • New settings for the default “Daemon Mode” (gitDaemonDefault), “SmartHTTP mode” (gitHttpDefault), and “Notify CIA mode” (gitNotifyCIADefault) for new repositories.
  • Better script support for installing scripts in the /bin directory.
  • Updated installation instructions in the README.
  • Better recovery from loss of administrative key in gitolite – assuming use of gitolite version >= 2.0.3.
  • Fix : Improvements to repository mirror support.
  • Fix : Support ‘@’ in user names for http access (externally converted to ‘%40’).
  • Fix : Syntax fixes to allow use of Ruby 1.9.
  • Fix : Support for git-daemon now working correctly. The “daemon” key was not being removed correctly and projectgs with “daemon” support were not being deleted.
  • Fix : Better handling of null-buffer condition in smart-http.
  • Fix : Fixed language tags in localization files.

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