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Release 0.4.6

Release date : 22 August 2012

Status : obsolete

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Changelog :

This is a feature release.

  • New: Added Deployment Credentials, which are public keys associated directly with a repository rather than through a user. These credentials can be created directly from the repository settings page. Since they are named (like other public keys), they can be reused for other repositories, if desired. Note that only managers (or administrators) can create deployment credentials (or deployment keys). Further, deployment keys and credentials are owned by the original creator and appear in their “my account” page.

  • New : Key validation and uniqueness. The format, properties, and uniqueness of keys are validated before allowing them to be saved. Note that actual keys must be unique across a whole gitolite installation (otherwise the access control mechanism doesn’t work). At the moment, this validation allows keys of type “ssh-rsa” and “ssh-dss”.
  • New : Ability to utilize alternate gitolite configuration file.
  • New : handle archiving of projects. Archived projects stay in the gitolite repository but are deactivated in the gitolite config file. All Redmine keys are removed and replaced with a token key called “redmine_archived_project”.
  • New : Post-receive URLs configured from a repository settings page. When commits occur, configured URLs will be POSTed with json information about the commit, roughly in the same format as github commits. The POSTed payload is described here:
  • New : Repository mirrors have more configuration options. Rather than forcing the remote repository to be a complete mirror of the local repository (i.e. –mirror), repository mirrors can now specific an explicit reference specification for which branches to update and/or select whether to force update or require nothing more than a fast-forward.
  • Fix : Change in login name on User settings screen properly changes keys in keydir.
  • Fix : Fixed cases in which delete of user from project ACL and delete of user didn’t clean up gitolite.conf
  • Fix : Fixed problem with failed validation in user settings screen.
  • Fix : Remove extra control characters (such as line breaks) as well as leading and trailing whitespace in public keys
  • Fix : Validations for public keys now reflected back to the user interface.
  • Fix : Deselection of repository module now has same effect as archiving project. The repository is marked in gitolite.conf as “redmine_disabled_project”. When project repository module is re-enabled, the repository is reconnected automatically.

Prior to this, repository module deselection was treated inconsistently.

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