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Release 0.5.1

Release date : 31 October 2012

Status : obsolete

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Changelog :

This is a bug-fix release.

  • Post-Receive URLs should now work with SSL (i.e. URLs of the form “https://xxx”)
  • Additional patches for backward compatibility with ChiliProject/Redmine < 1.4. In this category was a problem with editing Git repo parameters as well as a minor bug that caused problems with adding members to projects that didn’t have a Git repo.
  • Additional patches to support Ruby 1.9.x. Includes fix to post-receive hook and change in meaning of Module#instance_methods.
  • Patched installation so that can install Redmine from scratch (i.e. run rake db:migrate on empty DB) with plugin already in place.
  • Latest migration should now work with PostGreSQL. This was broken in 0.5.0x.

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