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Release 0.5.2

Release date : 25 December 2012

Status : obsolete

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Changelog :

This is a bug-fix release.

  • Fixed a migration problem with PostGreSQL (for uninstalling).
  • Fix to allow validations to fail properly on Project creation for Redmine < 1.4
  • Fix to prevent repository creation from stealing preexisting repositories in gitolite (which could happen under specialized circumstances).
  • Fix to handle old versions of sudo (< 1.7.3) during repair of the administrative key
  • Fix to preserve other administrative keys in the gitolite configuration file. Previously, the plugin would delete all but the first one. This fix is useful for people who want to have separate administrative keys for access to the gitolite config file.
  • Fixed weird behavior on Repository page when using multiple repos/project. Showed up when on non-default repo when trying to switch to branch other than master. Would switch back to default repository.

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