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Release 0.7.8

Release date : 8 November 2014

Status : obsolete

Download :

Changelog :

  • Fix collision in method name with Redmine Jenkins Plugin
  • Backport patch from pull #266
  • Fix #246 (init.rb - config values not taken)
  • Fix #258 (wrong hook installation place on gitolite 3.x)
  • Fix #289 (url to wiki goes nowhere)

Notes :

As explained in Gitolite documentation hooks should be installed in a separate directory. This new version fixes Gitolite hooks install path for Gitolite v3.

Hooks are now stored by default in <gitolite user home dir>/local. You can override this in the plugin settings.

Note that the directory must be a relative path to the Gitolite user home directory.

You’ll also have to update your .gitolite.rc accordingly :

LOCAL_CODE  =>  "$ENV{HOME}/local"

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