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Release 1.0.2

Release date : 14 March 2015

Status : obsolete

Download :

Changelog :

  • Merge #348 (Use Redmine setting for Git command)
  • Fix #345 (HTTPS Push, Popen : wrong number of arguments, Ruby 1.9 compatibility)
  • Fix #351 (undefined method `split’ for nil:NilClass)
  • Fix #354 (Input string is longer than NAMEDATALEN / index too long)
  • Fix #358 (undefined method `join’ for nil:NilClass)
  • Fix #364 (Gitolite hook silently fails on HTTP redirect)
  • Fix #368 (“My public keys” link is still missing the subpath)
  • Fix #375 (SmartHTTP link is not properly generated when Redmine is installed in a sub-path)
  • Fix #377 (“Git user is able to sudo to Redmine user?” fails with non-login shell)
  • Fix “undefined method `identifier’ for nil:NilClass” when migrating to v1
  • Add Redmine 3.x compatibility
  • Update Redmine installer script for Travis builds
  • Use Redmine Bootstrap Kit - TagIt helper
  • Use Redmine Bootstrap Kit - BootstrapSwitch helper

Notes :

  • Depending on your Redmine version (2.x/3.x) you’ll have to comment/uncomment the right lines in the plugin’s Gemfile

  • Before update Redmine Git Hosting plugin you must update Redmine Bootstrap Kit plugin to version 0.2.2 :

      # Update Redmine Bootstrap Kit
      redmine$ cd REDMINE_ROOT/plugins/redmine_bootstrap_kit
      redmine$ git fetch -p
      redmine$ git checkout 0.2.2
      # Cleanup plugins assets dir
      redmine$ cd REDMINE_ROOT/public/plugin_assets
      redmine$ rm -rf *
  • Since support of Ruby 1.9.x has ended, we won’t support Ruby 1.9.x anymore. We highly recommend that you upgrade to Ruby 2.1 or 2.0.0 as soon as possible.

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