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Release 1.0.3

Release date : 1 April 2015

Status : obsolete

Download :

Changelog :

  • Fix #322 ([Statistics view] PG::GroupingError: ERROR: column “” must appear in the GROUP BY clause)
  • Fix #334 ([Translations] English locale file still contains French messages)
  • Fix #383 ([Statistics view] Mysql2::Error: Unknown column ‘changes.commit_date’ in ‘order clause’)
  • Fix #384 (rake redmine_git_hosting:fetch_changesets doesn’t clear cache)
  • Fix #385 ([Statistics view] Commits and changes lines are shifted)
  • Fix #401 ([Git cache] “Until next commit” param is broken)
  • DRY controllers
  • Improve permissions checking
  • Improve tests on controllers
  • DRY views
  • Rework Repository URLs rendering
  • Extract some views helpers to Redmine Bootstrap Kit plugin
  • Fix TagIt loading for ProtectedBranches
  • Add the ‘@all’ repository in gitolite.conf when auto create README file is enabled (from #338)
  • Remove useless :gitolite_log_split params
  • Improve GitCache lookup performance (for Database and Redis adapters)
  • Improve Statistics rendering performance
  • Test the plugin with Redmine latest stable branch to prevent/anticipate this kind of bug
  • Update install doc
  • Update migration doc

Notes :

  • Before update Redmine Git Hosting plugin you must update Redmine Bootstrap Kit plugin to version 0.2.3 :

      # Update Redmine Bootstrap Kit
      redmine$ cd REDMINE_ROOT/plugins/redmine_bootstrap_kit
      redmine$ git fetch -p
      redmine$ git checkout 0.2.3
      # Cleanup plugins assets dir
      redmine$ cd REDMINE_ROOT/public/plugin_assets
      redmine$ rm -rf *
  • Deployment keys permissions has been renamed (from *_deployment_keys to *_repository_deployment_credentials) so you will have to restore these permissions in Administration -> Roles.

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