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Release 1.1.0

Release date : 6 June 2015

Status : obsolete

Download :

Changelog :

  • Add #417 ([Views] Define order of repository urls)
  • Add #426 ([Views] Direct link to repository settings page on sidebar)
  • Add #427 ([Views] Back to settings/repositories on repositories/edit page)
  • Add #431 ([Core] Add support for Redmine/Gitolite splitted configuration)
  • Add resync_ssh_keys Rake command (thx Hugodby)
  • Use Etc Ruby module to find out Gitolite user home dir (instead of doing eval with sudo)
  • Rework mirroring key installation
  • Flush internal cached variables when settings change
  • Add a jump box to switch repositories in edit view
  • Fix RepositoryMirror regex (allow dashes in user name part)
  • Bump gitolite-rugged to v1.1.0 (bundled with rugged and libgit2 in version 0.22.2)
  • Remove temp directory when Gitolite settings change (it will be recloned with the right settings)
  • Add ‘Move repository’ feature : you can now move repositories accross projects
  • Add unique index on fingerprint field
  • Various small fixes

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