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Release 1.2.2

Release date : 31 December 2016

Status : old stable

Download :

Changelog :

  • Fix #472 ([Views] 404 on the “My public keys” link in the user panel)
  • Fix #526 ([Core] Plugin breaks if gitolite user == redmine user)
  • Fix #551 ([Core] Make Sidekiq truly optional)
  • Fix #576 ([Models] Can’t add Git Config Key)
  • Fix #630 ([Core] Use “gitolite query-rc” to get Gitolite variables)
  • Fix #632 ([Core] Mirroring does not work on git push)
  • Merge #581 (Fix #472 by amelentjev)
  • Merge #621 ([Routes] Mount grack under http_server_subdir)
  • Merge #624 ([Translations] Add Spanish translation)
  • Merge #634 ([Views] Added missing mandatory param for partial repositories/download_revision)
  • Merge #636 ([Doc] “Remove user ID from Gitolite identifier” requires a restart)
  • Fix repo url in Gitolite hooks
  • Fix nil data case when loading custom settings from empty file
  • Allow to load plugin settings from a file in Redmine root (should ease deployment and upgrades)
  • Fix wrong Repository Git objects count
  • Add Russian translation
  • Rename redmine_git_hosting:restore_defaults task to redmine_git_hosting:update_settings
  • Add Rake task redmine_git_hosting:dump_settings to dump plugin settings in console

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