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Basic features

Features Supported Notes
SSH Public Keys Management Allow Redmine users to manage their own SSH keys.
README Preview This feature allows to display the content of README file at repository tab.
Git Revision Download This feature adds a download link to the Git repository browser, allowing users to download a snapshot at a given revision.
Improved Repository Statistics Use Highcharts library to display nice graphs.
Git SmartHTTP This plugin allows you to automatically enable Git SmartHTTP access to your repositories.
Git Daemon This plugin allows you to manage repositories exported via GitDaemon.
Browse Archived Repositories If you are Admin in Redmine you can browse archived repositories by clicking on Archived repositories in the top menu.
Default branch selection By default, the repository default branch is called master. If you have admin rights over a repository, you can change the default branch on the repository.
Repository Deletion This plugin can handle repositories deletion by puting them in a Recycle Bin for a configurable amount of time.

Productivity helpers

Features Supported Notes
Automatic Repository Creation You can automatically create a new Git repository every time you create a new project. You won’t have to create the project and then create the repository, this will be done all it one step.
Automatic Repository Initialization You can automatically initialize a new Git repository with a README file (à la GitHub).
Git mailing lists This plugin embeds git-multimail hook to send notification emails for pushes to a Git repository.
GitHub Issues Sync Keep your GitHub issues synchronized with Redmine !!

Performance helpers

Features Supported Notes
Sidekiq asynchronous jobs Speedup repositories creation by executing tasks in background.
Caching Options When browsing a repository within Redmine interface the plugin caches the output of Git commands to dramatically improve page load times, roughly a 10x speed increase.

DevOps tools

Features Supported Notes
Deployment Credentials This plugin provides deployment keys on a per-repository basis. Grant access to repositories for specific keys, no redmine user necessary. Great for service integrations such as build services or repository mirrors!
Post-Receive URLs This plugin supports the inclusion of GitHub-style Post-Receive URLs. Once added, a post-receive URL will be notified when new changes are pushed to the repository.
Automatic Mirror Updates This plugin can automatically push updates to repository mirrors when new changes are pushed to the repository.
Git Config Keys Management You can manage Git config key/value pairs for each repository.
Gitolite Options Management You can manage Gitolite options for each repository.
GoLang Redirector This plugin supports GoLang URLs that ease dependency cloning (Remote import paths).
Custom Gitolite Hooks Installer Install your own Gitolite hooks when creating new repositories.
Redmine Git Hosting Plugins Create your own plugin to customize repositories creation.

Deployment tools

Features Supported Notes
Plugin config override Keep your custom settings safe in a YAML file